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We enriched our aquarium decoration offer of special-purpose modules being a composition of real rocks and roots that perfectly make up the environment of each reservoir. In connection with our structural backgrounds, they enable to create a biotope very clearly resembling those occurring in the nature.  The decorative modules, similarly as the backgrounds, are made of special-purpose light-weight and resistant resins that do not change water characteristics and, at the same time, do not result in an additional, unnecessary aquarium load. 

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Complete sets

These mean a connection of an attractive aquarium, a cover of the Exclusive Series and of structural background, proposed by our Company and existing as a complete set only.  The solution is intended for customers deciding for a big reservoir that should become a significant interior decoration component. At the same time, such complete set guarantees an attractive price for you, that is significantly lower than the sum of prices of the component products of the complete set when they are being bought separately




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