At present, we have three big trucks that deliver our goods to the zoological shops and warehouses around the country.

Our foreign customers are served by the transportation companies co-operating with us, that have major experience in transportation of aquaria. The moderate prices result in that our recipients make use of exactly their services very frequently. We always serve with our help, irrespectively of that the customer order transportation of a few or several dozen euro-pallets. Our biggest recipients are supplied regularly, with use of trucks of the load carrying capacity up to 24 tons, that may take up to 33 euro-pallets at one time.

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Surely, there always exists a possibility that a customer provides its own transportation or a shipment company. in such case, we always do our best in order that the goods loaded by us reach the target customer without any damages.

All our aquaria are packaged into special cardboard trays that protect the goods against damage. Next, the aquaria are located on pallets and carefully foiled.

We send our illuminating covers, backgrounds and cabinets in special-purpose cardboard packages.

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