We enriched our aquarium decoration offer of special-purpose modules being a composition of real rocks and roots that perfectly make up the environment of each reservoir. In connection with our structural backgrounds, they enable to create a biotope very clearly resembling those occurring in the nature.  The decorative modules, similarly as the backgrounds, are made of special-purpose light-weight and resistant resins that do not change water characteristics and, at the same time, do not result in an additional, unnecessary aquarium load. 

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When setting up an aquarium, one must remember that its habitants feel well in it and grow appropriately and that they need a surrounding as close as possible to the natural environment. Each fish feels better in a well arranged aquarium. Therefore, our Company has in its offer various types of reservoirs. 

The backgrounds are made of special-purpose light-weight and resistant resins that have no negative impact upon the water characteristics. When creating them, we took our inspiration from the nature, making casts of actual rocks and roots, and arranging them into wonderful natural compositions. 

Our offer covers as much as five structural background types so that the Customer has a wide selection option. In dependence on what environment we want to obtain in the aquarium, we may select backgrounds with roots or with stones alone. 

Note: The structural backgrounds are of adequately smaller dimensions (at length and height) so that they may fit into the aquarium, they are intended to. 

The background mounting is very simple. They are located inside the aquarium, on its rear wall (they may also be stuck). The backgrounds are provided, at the side, with special-purpose protecting nets that avoid flowing smaller fish behind the backgrounds.  



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