In 1983, when Mr. Kazimierz Maciejewski established the Wromak company, he was involved himself in gluing and distribution of aquaria on the area of Poland. At present, our enterprise employs more than 80 persons. The firm is managed by Mr.  Kazimierz together with his wife Lucyna, involved in the accountancy, and with their son Przemyslaw, responsible for sales. Continuous increasing of sales of aquaria in the Polish market as well as in the foreign markets ensures constant growth for us.         



The modern machinery for glass cutting and processing and the qualified employees ensure the high quality of our products. Each order from any customer is executed after a prior arrangement of the exact time of reception or shipment of the commissioned goods, that is always observed by us. The customer may choose among the wide gamut of products offered by us or order non-standard goods in accordance with its specific needs. First of all, this refers to foreign customers who sell, very often, the goods differing in dimensions and makes from those being offered in the Polish market.

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Of course, the biggest share in the sales of the  Wromak company have the aquaria but, during the last years, the sales of the terrariums increased also several times. In Poland, the terrarium art is just starting to develop while, abroad, it has constituted an important component of the zoological industry for years.  We possess wide experience also in the domain of terrarium making. In addition of several models offered by us in the Polish market, our offer covers a dozen or so other models sold in the foreign markets.  It happens that our customers order terrariums on the basis of their own solutions or patterns, reserving the exclusivity right in sales. In such cases, we do not offer the goods to other recipients.
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 In addition to the aquaria and terrariums, our sales cover also a wide gamut of illumination covers, cabinets and aquarium backgrounds. We manufacture the covers in conformity with the international safety standards what is evidenced by the CE certificate granted to our firm.

The continuous eagerness after meeting the requirements of our customers has resulted in that there are more than 250 various products in our offer.

We promise that it is not the end and that we will continuously grow for you.

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