CORNER AQUARIUMS                            

The corner aquariums suits perfectly for being set at a room corner. Their shape ensures an exceptional image depth. They are used frequently as sea aquaria.

In our offer, we have two corner aquarium types. The first type is the “Corner aquaria” wherein the basis is ¼ of the circle of the radius equal to the tank side length. On the other hand, the front glass is profiled.

The other type is the “delta aquaria”, wherein the front glass is also profiled but the flexure is milder, however, than that in the corner type aquaria.

The corner aquariums are manufactured of glass of thickness fro 6 mm up to 10 mm. Similarly as all our tanks, the aquariums are glued with use of special-purpose aquarium-art silicones.

The list of corner aquariums manufactured by us is presented below. We encourage also to look at the photos of our products.


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